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We have been helping healthcare technology companies since 2020, with a focus on improving the overall customer experiences that lead to better outcomes. Our area of specialization is working with new startups and small to medium businesses.

Monroe Concierge

How Can We Help?

Monroe Concierge, LLC was established in 2020 to serve the healthcare and health-tech industry by supporting our clients’ growing need to build and scale Customer Success and Customer Experience departments. We are one of the very first minority and women owned Customer Success consulting firms that strategically focuses on supporting organizations in the healthcare industry. We have a passion for helping and supporting healthcare leaders no matter what stage of Customer Success maturity you are in.

Whether you are an early-stage start-up or a small-medium business, we are here to serve you. We not only offer Customer Success consulting services, but we also offer training and development and leadership coaching for new leaders. We will help you to lay the foundation for your Customer Success team members to prepare them to be the best CSM’s to support your organization and your customers.

Our overall goal is to equip you with the tools you need to increase your overall customer/patient satisfaction and to drive revenue growth for your business by delivering high value outcomes for those you serve. We are a results driven consulting firm that is dedicated to serving as a trusted advisor for your business and we look forward to working with you.

We help you understand and gain control of the story between your customer and your business.

What Can We Help You Achieve?

Customer Success Strategic Consulting

We will provide our best practice recommendations to solving common Customer Success pain points like team structure, playbook development, providing you with hiring kits, customer journey mapping, customer health score models, KPI metrics to measure team and individual performance, and much more.

Customer Success Technology Assessments

We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your current tech stack. We will provide you with recommendations on improvements to help you increase team efficiency, centralize disparate systems, and improve effectiveness within your organization.

Team Training Workshops

A program designed to fit your customer success training needs. We offer in-person live training events for your staff; this can also be conducted virtually. We also offer on-demand training courses to meet your customer success skills development and training needs.

Special Projects

If you have a unique project that you want to work with us on, let us know how we can help. We have been involved over the years in a variety of different special projects including conducting churn analysis, conducting exit interviews, launching customer advisory boards, new team member onboarding, and more.

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